We understand that you need to pay temporary workers and contractors, often before your own invoices have been paid.

You also need to juggle the day-to-day management of payroll, timesheets and chasing invoices which can be a constant challenge.

Simply put, Recruitment Finance can help by providing both recruitment funding and payroll support, reducing your overheads and freeing up your time. Leaving you to focus on what’s important, running your business.

Recruitment Financing

recruitment financing is a way for recruitment businesses to secure the financial support needed to facilitate their hiring process. It enables them to overcome cash flow challenges associated with hiring and ensures they can bring in new talent when they need it, helping their organization grow and succeed.

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How does Recruitment Financing work?

Invoice your customers
  Invoice your customers ...and upload the details using our secure online portal.

Access your funds
  Access your funds ...Fast cash within 24 hours.

Let us collect on your behalf
  Let us collect on your behalf ...discretely, so your customer won’t know who we are.

Get paid the remainder
  Get paid the remainder ...minus our pre-agreed fees.