Like many businesses, you may be looking for a way to release the cash tied up in your invoices, while maintaining control over your client relationships.

Invoice Discounting allows you to do just that. Whether you have cashflow challenges or want to finance growth, bridging the gap between raising an invoice and being paid is invaluable.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is a way for businesses to improve their cash flow by unlocking the value of their unpaid invoices without having to wait for customers to make payments. It can be especially valuable for managing working capital and ensuring that a business has the necessary funds to operate and grow. The business continues to collect payment from their customers as normal

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How does Invoice Discounting work?

Invoice your customers
  Invoice your customers ...and upload the details using our secure online portal.

Access your funds
  Receive up to 100% of invoice value within 24 hours.

Collect payment
  Collect payment yourself, maintaining responsibility of your customer relationships

Get paid the remainder
  Get paid the remainder ...minus our pre-agreed fees.